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"Firm Tranzit Ltd. is the member of the association of international forwarders of Ukraine, full member of the Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, the participant of the European Union of Ukrainian Transporters. The company was founded in June 1996.

Basic activities::

  • Forwarding services;
  • Trading operations;
  • Export and import operations;
  • Insurance services.

The company takes upon itself all the package of services in the materialization of the business idea: from the moment of its development to practical implementation. We render full service, connected with dispatch and receipt of any cargoes both in Ukraine and outside its borders. The company has contractual links with all railways of Ukraine, sufficient experience in transporting grain, oil products, equipment, outsized cargo, organizes timely delivery and protection of the cargoes entrusted to it, approaches the individual needs of every client.

"Firm Tranzit Ltd. offers consultations in the elaboration of transport conditions in the moment when foreign economic agreements are signed, selects the optimal route and way of conveyance, involves transport operators, develops and confirms shipping schemes, arrangements upon them, loads and fastens cargoes, formalizes the corresponding carriage documents.

In order to ensure protected delivery of cargoes, including that under intact seals (locking and sealing devices), the company also involves security organizations, taking the responsibility for their qualitative discharge of their liabilities.

"Firm Tranzit Ltd. offers to the customers services, connected with foreign economic operations, namely customs processing, freight, insurance, tracking the cargo movement along the line of march in the course of import, export and transit operations.

The company organizes package insurance in a first-rate insurance company of all property objects, personal insurance and the insurance against occupational hazards of its customers, using a corporative approach to preventive steps and calculation of insurance tariffs, which considerably reduces the amounts of insurance payments and likelihood of the loss occurrence.

"Firm Tranzit Ltd. has representative offices in all regions of Ukraine.